muccaTypo is the type Foundry of Mucca, a NY-based branding agency expert in the world of food and hospitality. With a cultured perspective and a healthy allergy to trends, Mucca and muccaTypo fight together to detox design from boredom.

Our typeface library features a select range of fonts that were initially developed for some of Mucca’s most successful branding projects. Some of these fonts have been thoughtfully revisited and expanded for broader retail use, allowing our clients to access high-quality and versatile typefaces that are sure to elevate any new branding project.

Matteo Bologna

Matteo Bologna, is the Founder and Creative Director of Mucca, a branding studio known for its exceptional work. With expertise in architecture, graphic design, illustration, and typography, Matteo has built a stellar reputation in the design industry.

Throughout his illustrious career, Matteo has built strong relationships with clients from diverse sectors, including startups, small retailers, beauty giants, and hospitality businesses. He has designed for a range of hotels, food halls, and restaurants, including some of the most recognizable names like Sephora, Barnes & Noble, Target, WeWork, Whole Foods, and iconic locations such as Balthazar and the Tin Building in New York. Matteo is also the founder, creative director, and type designer at muccaTypo, the type foundry of Mucca Design. They produce fonts for both Mucca Design and retail purposes.

Karla Pasten

Karla Pasten is a graphic designer, illustrator, letter and type designer from Hidalgo, Mexico. In 2021 she completed a post-graduate certificate online program in type design at Type West. She has participated in events such as Type Lab 2021 and has been recognized by the Malee Scholarship as one of the Women of Typographic Excellence for his achievements and contributions to the type design industry. Is part of Times New Woman movement, an initiative to empower Spanish-speaking women interested in letters, and to recognize women in the industry.

Chris Caldwell

Chris Caldwell is a typeface and graphic designer based in New York. His passion for drawing letters stems from his past experience as a brand designer at Mucca Design, where he was exposed to the vast potential and value custom typography can bring to design.

Ethan Cohen

Ethan Cohen is a type designer and calligrapher born and raised in New York City and currently living in Berlin. Before going independent, he worked at LucasFonts and Mucca Design, studied typeface design at the Type & Media course at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (KABK) and The Cooper Union’s Type@Cooper Extended Program, and served as Scholarship Chair on the Board of Governors of Society of Scribes (NYC’s non-profit calligraphy organization), co-founded the Society of Scribes scholarship program, taught calligraphy classes, played in a bunch of bands, taught music at elementary schools, and worked for a bunch of years as the Director of Business & Legal Affairs at an NYC-based independent record label and music publisher, Razor & Tie (a now-defunct subsidiary of Concord Music Group).

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